Not Funny Today


I have tried to keep these essays on the light side and to try not to not venture into areas and subjects which cause our “passions to strain.”   To mostly make you laugh and hopefully to make a little point now and then, here and there.

With the passing of my mother yesterday, I don’t find it in me to be funny today.  But here’s a note from my old friend Bill Clark.  He’s one of the funniest guys I know, and one of the few who can actually make me crack up.  He did it again yesterday.  So he’s pinch-writing for me today:

My thoughts and prayers are with you all as I learn of the passing of your dear Mother. I remember growing up with you on East Seventh Street while you lived next door.

Many memories of moments shared with you and your brother and I having fun getting into trouble. On one occasion we must have really made a mess and your Mother was beside herself.  She yelled and told us to

“Go to your room right now!”

I meekly said,

“But I don’t live here.”

And she said,

“Go to your room anyway.”

Most all of the memories of her are really nice as are all of the memories of your family. We do have stories and for some, they still can not be told.

I just wanted to say, I am so sorry for your loss but at the same time, she lived a very long and good life.  She certainly enriched my life as did your whole family. Just wanted you to know that you are loved and appreciated as you prepare to celebrate her life and share memories. . . . you will remain in my thoughts and in my prayers as you grieve her passing. Your old neighbor and almost family, Bill 


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