Weiners And Losers


I have tried very hard to avoid politics for many months, but with only a week left, it’s almost unavoidable.  So here I go.

This election is on everybody’s mind. Not because we necessarily want it to be, but because we are battered and mugged by it, even as many of us try to avoid it. All of us except the press will be glad when it’s over. I can’t imagine anyone wanting it go another day more than necessary.

The election cycle is now at least two years long, perhaps three or four years, depending on your opinion of when it begins. Some are already speculating about the candidates for 2020. The electorate (that’s you and me) are beaten up and down by the lengthy process. Maybe that’s what the candidates want. Maybe they want to hound us into an “I don’t even care anymore” attitude. That way, candidates with less than savory reputations can get elected. Maybe that’s an explanation for how we arrived at the ridiculous place we find ourselves today.

Shouldn’t a leader be someone we genuinely like? I’m not sure, since I’m not a leader. But I know an awful lot about following. I have no desire to follow a guy who speaks disrespectfully, can’t complete a sentence and can’t seem to stop himself from hitting back, or  a woman who seems to be a congenital liar, believes she is above the law and is currently under investigation by the FBI. Those are my choices? Seriously?

And how did Anthony Weiner get back in the headlines and involved in all this? Didn’t they throw him down the drain back in 2011? Then he ran for mayor of New York in 2013. More sexting scandals erupted and they threw him out again. And now I learn that his laptop computer holds 650,000 potentially damaging e-mails because he’s married to the top aide of one of the candidates? He’s the Weiner Who Won’t Go Away.

Here we sit, trying to decide on our President, and the answer may very well lie in Anthony Weiner’s laptop. I wouldn’t want to be the one who has to comb through it to find the e-mails. I’d be afraid of seeing something I couldn’t get out of my mind.

Why have politics become absurdist theatre? Does it occur to anyone that, if we spend most of the election cycle caught between the poor decisions of both candidates, we have probably made a wrong turn a few miles back?

You may feel that I’m siding with one particular candidate in all this. I’m not. I tell you, most sincerely, that the other shoe has not yet dropped. It’s only Tuesday and the week is young.

If we’re going to load up the campaigns with Weiners, winners and losers, let’s go whole hog. Let’s throw all the politicians into prison and put the prisoners in Congress and the White House. You may think that’s a crazy suggestion, but if you look at the names currently in the political headlines, you’ll see that we’re halfway there.

A theory I’ve heard says that the good and right candidates won’t run for President; they’re unwilling to deal with the press and the torturous process. That theory makes sense to me; I wouldn’t want to go through a campaign, even if I wanted the job.   The theory would also indicate that our best choice for President might likely be some Trumanesque figure sitting on a tractor in a Kansas wheatfield. He or she is an honest person who knows right from wrong. You remember the sort of person I’m describing. An honorable one.

7 thoughts on “Weiners And Losers

  1. Eisenhower pondered long and hard before allowing his name to be put forward as a candidate. He had zero elected political experience. But, after surviving a world war I guess he figured he could take what the democrats and republicans were dishing out.


  2. Good column Dick.Of course I don’t entirely agree with your analysis of the two candidates (One has a plethora of lawsuits pending,has a reputation for not paying his bills, won’t share his tax returns, hasn’t paid federal income taxes for many years, ridicules his opponents and insults anyone in his path. The other has sunk into the world of the entitlement and influence and has great difficulty talking straight but, has remained, with some exception,respectful ).
    But I am with that there is something really wrong with our system…the length of the election process us simply absurd and the lack of plain talk and integrity scary.


    1. I suspect you could find a half dozen more problems with the Republican candidate. But I would ask questions: Does the Democratic candidate have pending lawsuits? Does she pay her bills? I don’t know the answer, and you probably don’t either. But saying she “has difficulty with talking straight” made me laugh. It’s called lying, and you and I both know it. You’re a straight-shooter and I doubt you would accept that from anyone around you. You are correct in saying she has, for the most part, remained calm. I wouldn’t call it respectful. But when I hold the “respectful” in one hand and the lies in the other, well, one hand is heavier than the other. Again, I am not publicly supporting EITHER of these candidates. DB


  3. I’ve agreed with that last theory for quite some time. The best and the brightest clearly do not want the top job in this country. In a year when the Republican party merely needed to put a reasonably moderate white guy on the ballot, the cupboard was bare. The extreme edges of the party took control, and they wound up with the king of the deplorable on their ticket.

    It’s appalling that this is the best we can come up with.


  4. Dick, You are right-on with this column! You articulate what I am feeling about the whole process. I voted and hesitated a long time before I hit the “vote” button. Never, ever, ever have I been so conflicted and disappointed in not only the candidates but our whole system as well. My only consolation is “In God we trust.”


  5. I will feel the same way. I’ve never entered a voting booth without a clear idea of what I’m about to do. This time I’ll feel conflicted with no real choices. My fear is that “In God We Trust” may be just what you said: only a consolation. DB


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